Director/Producer: Mark Waters

Mark didn’t set out to be a filmmaker, but a traveller who just happened to carry a camera. To celebrate his love for new worlds and life experiences, he created personal film projects that helped develop a style of moviemaking that is characterised by a plainspoken perspective with great idiosyncratic talent for contemporary storytelling. Mark’s pictures recall worlds of unencumbered simplicity and unhindered living, a sterling portrayal of all that is true and pure with personal voyages to foreign lands. There is no exclusivity to Marks creative ability: his cardinal understanding of travel and filmmaking are bred from first-person practical knowledge, the development of his distinct style polished during his time abroad. Mark is, in his purest state, a traveler with a filmmaker’s eye.

Screening Bondi Pavilion / Wed Jan 28th



Screening ICMS Manly / Sat Jan 31st