The Official selection films for 2015 were decided by the festivals screening panel of surf industry personalities including Joel Coleman, Stuart Nettle and Paul Witzig. Over 4 weeks of deliberation the screening panel worked their way through 32 film submissions to decide on the official selection. A diverse mix of Australian and international surf films have been selected by the panel and is sure to amaze audiences with spectacular surfing, in depth documentaries and unique experiences.


OUT in the Line-up – Ian W. Thomson and Thomas Castets (Australia)

Cradle of Storms – Bryce Lowe-White and Ben Weiland (USA)

The Old The Young, & The Sea Andreas Jaritz & Mario Hainzl (Austria) 

The Salt TrailMark Waters (UK/Indonesia)

Tierra de PatagonesJulian & Joaquin Azulay (Argentina)

MetanoiaMarcus Morrell (Australia)



The Fortune Wild – Ben Gulliver (Canada) 

Bundjalung – Carlos Portella (Brazil) 

Soul of a Carnation, Heart of a Surfer – Helio Valentim (Portugal)

Gathering – Nathan Oldfield (Australia) 

Rail to Rail – Joel Sharpe (El Salvador)

Chicken Soup – Tyler Bell (Australia)

The Involvement Dream – Nathan Oldfield (Australia)

Seastills  – Chris Duczynski (Australia)